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GDPR Compliance

GDPR provides enhanced responsibilities on organizations operating in Europe that collect personal data.

BookTix Live compliance with GDPR

We have taken all the necessary steps to comply with the GDPR. For more details about our compliance and how we handle your data please check our latest documents below:

Privacy policy
Terms and conditions
Website Terms of Use

You own all your ticket buyer and event attendee data

BookTix Live provides you, our Client, a ticketing and livestreaming solution platform where you sell tickets to your event attendees and ticket buyers. As defined by the GDPR, when we collect personal data from you to set up your account, you are the “data subject”, and we are the “data controller”. When your ticket buyers submit personal data to us to complete their purchase, they are the “data subject”, you are the “data controller”, and we are the “data processor”, which means that we won’t do anything with your guest’s data other than what you need us to do in order to provide our service. We will not send your attendees any marketing emails, nor share their data with anyone other than the payment processor. We can delete the information upon request.

We ensure that all your data is protected

The servers and databases that power BookTix Live are located in London England. We inevitably use a small number of third parties, some of which are outside of the EU, to provide our ticketing service and we have confirmed that they all comply with the GDPR. You can find the full list of these third parties and what we use them for here.

Under the GDPR, you must tell attendees why you are collecting their personal data and how you are using it. You can do this in your privacy policy. You can easily link your privacy policy to your online box office so that your attendees can see it when purchasing for tickets.

Under data protection laws, you may need to collect consent to send marketing emails.

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